Dr. Jan Kwasniewski, M.D. is a Polish Doctor who created The Optimal Diet.

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Note: See comments at the end with Dr. Jan Kwasniewski’s warnings about eating too much fibre (fiber).

Source: Excerpts from Fresh Food

"In the US, the National Academy of Sciences has issued an alert that twice the usual intake of vegetables is required to reach your recommended intake of Vitamin A. This comes from a country where the daily recommendations already exceed ours – Americans are advised to eat three to five portions of vegetables a day plus two to four pieces of fruit.

So where does that leave us Brits and our combined five-piece total? UK nutritionists say some people may want to discuss the possibility of a vitamin or mineral supplement with their GP. Unless we have a health problem, we should still be able to get the nutrition we need from eating a balanced diet.

Yet whether we opt for organic or not, we must still learn to cook our produce in such a way that we get the most value from every bite. Perhaps we should also remember that mantra – and that the five pieces of fruit and veg is only a MINIMUM."


For more than three decades Dr. Kwasniewski has been warning of the above. Eating twice as much of vegetables means consuming copious amounts of fiber. This, as biochemistry textbooks are advising, means increased load on our digestive system – we do not have enzymes required for digestion of fiber.

The body is then required to simply push volumes of undigested food irritating the internal walls of the intestines. It has been known for some time that fiber really does not protect from the bowel cancer. In fact, fiber consumed in larger quantities has proved to contribute to the development of the bowel cancer. So, should we now eat even more of it ??

It has been known for decades that the Optimal Nutrition provides a relief from various health problems related to the digestive system including Lesniewski-Crohn’s disease, stomach and duodenal ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn etc …

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