What are healing reactions? Most of us don’t know about healing reactions. We know about symptoms of illnesses, and we know about the drugs and other therapies we use to treat the symptoms and take away the pain. So what is a healing reaction?

In traditional Chinese medicine, the concept of healing reactions is described in detail. Chinese medicine understands that as the body goes through the process of healing and recovery, the causes of illness are cleansed, literally moved out of the diseased organ or system of the body, and expelled from the body altogether.

This movement of toxins and pathogens out of the body can cause us to feel worse for a while. This is the so-called healing reaction. When we experience a healing reaction, we can have confidence that the treatment we are using is actually working, and we will soon be cured of our sickness.

We would certainly like healing reactions to be minimal or non-existent. But traditional Chinese medicine tells us that if there is no "ming shyuan" (healing reaction), there can be no cure.

Most of us are looking for real cures to our illnesses and we’re tired of taking drugs that treat only symptoms and kill only pain. As the body purges itself of toxins and pathogens that cause sickness, we will experience some kind of healing reaction.

All healing reactions will go away eventually. A healing reaction may last for a period of a few days or up to a few months depending upon the individual’s state of health and the seriousness of the illness.

Examples of Healing Reactions

  1. Pain may occur in the internal organs that have a problem. Headache is common.
  2. Various types of digestive and respiratory discharges may occur: bile, mucus, phlegm, sinus and nasal drainage.
  3. Other possible discharges include boils, pimples, rashes, body odors, carbuncles, vaginal discharges, coating on tongue, and black stool.
  4. Digestive imbalances may develop: gas, cramps, diarrhea, soft or dark stool, frequent bowel movement. etc.
  5. Dry mouth, sticky stool, weakness, weight loss, and sensations of cold or heat may occur. These indicate that the body is first strongly eliminating before the building and strengthening phase occurs.
  6. More sleep may be needed during transition, and dreams may be wild.
  7. The symptoms of existing sickness or illness may seem to worsen at first and then improve later.
  8. Energy may increase and cause sleeplessness.

Protective phenomenon

Body pain indicates problems and forces the body to have a rest. Both pain and resting help the body accelerate the healing process.

The pain is the commander to order the body into protecting itself. During this adaptive period, do not try to kill the pain or fight against tiredness if you can still bear it. Use products to support the weaker body by providing balanced and high quality nutrients which will speed up the healing process.

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