Welcome to Healing Naturally by Bee. If you are feeling sick, run-down or fatigued, have degenerative or autoimmune diseases, allergies, are over- or under- weight, or you have multiple illnesses this site will help you regain your health naturally, the way Nature intended!

  • Your journey towards health begins by reading and learning.
  • You do not become sick from a lack of medical drugs or treatments!
  • Your health and well-being depends upon you taking charge of your health by harnessing your body’s marvelous healing powers.

Truths That are Vital to Your Health

  • “Real” food is medicine! Unprocessed foods direct from nature nourish your body so it can heal itself.
  • Your health is damaged and deteriorated by processed foods, foods that are microwaved or irradiated (zapped with radiation), and foods not properly prepared for human consumption.
  • Natural healing and detoxifying reactions created by the body itself are labeled as separate diseases, illnesses, or allergies by the medical industry, who only treat symptoms, which are the “result,” and not the“causes.”
  • The two leading cause of deaths are heart disease and cancer, and Doctors are The Third Leading Cause of Deaths.
  • The FDA and other government agencies, who are charged with protecting “the people” actually protect the medical, drug, and other big industries that support them, and they attack those who threaten such companies. Follow the money!
  • Cancer is directly connected with candida (yeast overgrowth), and both candida and cancer are the result of the degeneration of the body. It is estimated that over 70% of all people have candida, including men, women, children, and babies, which is actively and seriously deteriorating their health: see the simple test, list of symptoms, and a health program that handles it below.

How to Start Your Journey Towards Health

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Bee Wilder, Health Researcher
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