The Primary Causes of All Failing Health

  1. Lack of the correct combination of nutrients that all Humans need in order to be healthy—see Food Selection for Humans and The Function of Foods.
  2. Lack of oxygen at a cellular level and/or the inability of the cells to utilize oxygen.
  3. Accumulation of toxins, poisons, and waste because of an inability of the body to detoxify like it should.
  4. Lowered vitality (energy) due to stress, shock, injury, emotional upsets, losses, relationship or financial worries, being unhealthy, etc., and a lack of energy at a cellular level.
  5. Poor “Nutritional Status” acquired from parents upon conception in the womb.

Overall Healing Program, entitled How to Successfully Overcome Candida, improves anyone’s health, even if they do not have candida/yeast, as proved by these Success Stories.

Healthy Program for Healthy People Foods that Damage, Foods that Heal.

If you do not have any health issues but you need to Lose Weight.

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