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High Blood Pressure

Over time, studies investigating the link between sodium and high blood pressure have produced mixed results. Numerous scientific studies now indicate that a balance of minerals is necessary and more beneficial than eliminating sodium.

Nationally known experts such as Dr. Andrew Weil are recognizing that when minerals are fractionated and processed, they undergo a mutation [change] that can result in many health problems. Others, like Esteban Genoa, MD, believe that eating a diet with a natural balance of sodium, magnesium and potassium may actually help to lower blood pressure and promote good health.

"I’ve enjoyed using Celtic Sea Salt for several years now. It enhances the flavor of whole foods and provides me and my family with a superior source of trace minerals," says Dr. Christiane Northrup, author Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom.

Why Your Body Needs Ocean Sea Salt

Your body uses high mineral salts to create electrolytes. Electrolytes, the sparks of life, carry electrical currents throughout the body – sending messages and instructions to cells in all bodily systems. Electrolytes are also necessary for enzyme production. Electrolytes are natural minerals found in ocean sea salt.

Enzymes are responsible for breaking down food, absorbing nutrients, muscle function, hormone production and more. Electrolytes and enzymes are important for all functions throughout the body, including proper regulation of bodily fluids, digestion, liver, thyroid and adrenal health, and many more – see Vital Functions of Good Sea Salt in the Body below.

Also, Celtic Sea Salt Bath Crystals make a soothing high-mineral soak that many have reported using successfully in the treatment of symptoms associated with arthritis & sore muscles. Fine Ground Celtic Sea Salt

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